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Training/Webinars/Workshops: ITSD-2021 Digital Workplace Training for VTC Staff



ITSD-2021 Digital Workplace Training for VTC Staff

Information Technology Services Division – IT Training Course

Course Outline

ITSD-2021 Digital Workplace Training for VTC Staff


  • Learn the basic usage to familiar with existing tools


  • Arrange a meeting with colleague (App: Outlook, Teams Outlook add-in)
    • Schedule a Meeting
    • Attach necessary documents
    • Update or cancel a meeting
  • Facilitate an effective meeting (App: Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard)
    • Ensure your computer is ready
    • Features for enhancing participant’s engagement
    • Brainstorming with whiteboard
  • Shorten the distance for supports (App: Teams)
    • When your computer encountered problem
    • Seeking for technical advice through MS Team chat
    • Give and Take control of your screen
  • Effective note taking (App: OneNote)
    • Taking Note for a meeting
    • Voice recording with adding note
    • Play back the record from time stamp of note
  • Organize business cards (App: OneNote, Office Lens Mobile App)
    • Prepare your mobile phone
    • Scan documents with Office Lens
    • Search for the business card
  • Document Collaboration with your team (App: OneNote, OneDrive,

SharePoint Online and Teams)

    • Comparison between OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams
    • Start collaboration
    • Co-authoring document with your tea
  • Manage task with Planner (App: Planner)
    • Create a plan for your team
    • Group the tasks into different bucket
    • Share with teammates about the status of your tasks

Transformation to electronic forms and workflows (App: Microsoft Forms, Power Automate)

    • Start a workflow with Form
    • Branch with condition
    • Limitation of Power Automate

Target Audience

  • Require experience in using a computer and basic Microsoft Windows

Operating System