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Training/Webinars/Workshops: Academic Behaviors & Student Retention - Using academic performance data to improve student retention outcomes



Academic Behaviors & Student Retention

  • DATE: November 16th 2021, TIME: 11:00PM HKT | 10:00AM GMT-5 |  Registration
  • DATE: November 17th 2021, TIME: 4:00 AM HKT | November 16th 2021, 3:00PM GMT-5 | Registration


  • A webinar hosted by Enterprise Applications' Lead for Academic Affairs, Ryan Servant. He will examine a student retention project stood up by Loyola University Maryland, a private, Jesuit institution in Baltimore, Maryland with a full-time undergrad enrollment of just over 4,000 students. This webinar will look at types of data gathered from sources like IntelliBoard, and explain how that data was used to create reporting structures that could best assist academic leadership during times of volatility.


  • Ryan Servant has been a higher education technology administrator for almost 15 years, primarily working directly with academic leaders to develop forward-thinking solutions to expand technology options in the classroom and beyond. Among the areas of expertise include academic reporting tools, eLearning API's, Enterprise System integrations, distance learning tools and other enterprise educational software(s).