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Training/Webinars/Workshops: Learning Digital Business Analysis



Learning Digital Business Analysis

Course details

  • 1h 26m Intermediate Released: 7/5/2018

More and more organizations are making investments in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. These new technologies have sparked changes to business models, business operations, and customer expectations and experiences. This course was designed to help business analysts and project professionals grasp what these changes mean and how to implement them from a business perspective. Angela Wick explores natural language generation, speech recognition, swarm intelligence, blockchain, and other exciting new technologies, laying out how each one can fit into your business processes. Plus, she covers how these innovations can impact traditional business analysis practices and explains how the customer journey is affected by digital and AI projects.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the intelligent automation and digital landscape involved in digital business analysis.
  • Determine the fundamentals of robotic process automation (RPA).
  • Define biometrics.
  • Explore the essentials of machine and deep learning in project transformation.
  • Define blockchain.
  • Determine how requirements are different.
  • Break down the elements of the experiment and hypothesis phases.
  • Explore the customer journey and the user experience.