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Training/Webinars/Workshops: Tableau Conference 2021



10/11/2021 9 a.m. Tableau Conference 2021 Opening Keynote

  • The ability to collect, analyze, and understand data at a new scale has created incredible opportunities as well as new challenges. In our opening keynote, hear from President and CEO Mark Nelson, Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat, and special guests about the data opportunity ahead and new innovations that are shaping how the world sees, understands, and acts on data.
  • Speakers

Mark Nelson, President and CEO at Tableau

  • Mark Nelson is President and CEO at Tableau Software. He sets the vision and direction for Tableau and oversees the company's strategy, business activities, and operations. Prior to becoming President and CEO, Mark was the Executive Vice President of Product Development for Tableau, leading the global engineering and product teams. Under his leadership, both teams helped the company broaden and deepen its industry-leading analytics platform to support customers globally.
  • Prior to Tableau, Mark was the Chief Technology Officer at Concur, where he was responsible for all aspects of product development as well as hosting operations for their SaaS services and Concur's internal IT function. He also spent 17 years as Vice President and Architect at Oracle. Mark has also served as a board member at the Data Integration company Talend and has advised various start-ups. Mark holds a BS in General Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Francois Ajenstat, CPO at Tableau

  • Francois Ajenstat is Tableau's Chief Product Officer. Francois is responsible for Tableau's overall product strategy and oversees the product portfolio, including product packaging, pricing, and product positioning. He's also responsible for evangelizing Tableau's products with customers and partners and incorporating customer and partner feedback into the strategic vision of the Tableau portfolio. Francois brings a wealth of product management experience in the business intelligence industry. Prior to joining Tableau, Francois worked at Microsoft for 10 years in a number of different groups, including SQL Server, Office, and Trustworthy Computing. Before that, he worked for Cognos Corporation (acquired by IBM), leading strategic alliances with key industry partners such as IBM, HP, and Microsoft.
  • The first time Francois saw Tableau, over 10 years ago, he recognized its potential to transform the industry and revolutionize how people work with data. He says, "I knew I needed to be part of what was to become an entirely new era in business analytics, and it's been incredible to be part of the team that is making that vision a reality."

Amy Sprangers, Chief Revenue Officer at Seattle Seahawks

  • Entering her 21st season with the club, Amy Sprangers serves as the Seahawks' Chief Revenue Officer. In her role, Amy leads revenue generation across sponsorship, ticketing, suites, and local-media rights. She leads passionate, high-performing, revenue-driven teams that cultivate authentic, innovative, impactful partnerships and measurably grow both the Seahawks' business and that of its partners.

Shena Ashley, VP, Nonprofits and Philanthropy at The Urban Institute

  • Shena Ashley, PhD, is a Vice President at the Urban Institute, where she leads the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy. She oversees a research-in-action portfolio that's currently focused on community investing, equitable grantmaking, democratizing charitable giving, and nonprofit and philanthropic policy. She has led the transformation of the National Center on Charitable Statistics to an open-data repository, which now makes over 20 years of nonprofit data freely accessible to the public. She also leads the Racial Equity Analytics Lab (REAL) at the Urban Institute to equip equity-focused leaders with data and analysis to strengthen and accelerate their work and inform the design and advancement of race-conscious solutions.

Kate Wright Senior VP

  • Product Development at Tableau

Richard Tibbetts, VP Product Management at Tableau

  • Richard Tibbetts is the Vice President of Product Management for Analytics at Tableau Software. Richard joined Tableau in 2018 as part of the acquisition of Empirical Systems, where he was founder and CEO. Empirical Systems created an automated statistical analysis platform, commercializing explainable AI research. Prior to founding Empirical, Richard was a Visiting Scientist with the MIT Probabilistic Computing Project, where he helped to release BayesDB. Previously, Richard was founder and CTO of StreamBase, the leading streaming analytics platform, which merged with TIBCO in 2013. He holds MEng and SB degrees in Computer Science from MIT.

Poornima Farrar, Director, Product Management at Tableau

  • Poornima Farrar leads product management for the Governance and Performance pillars at Tableau. She has a track record of successfully leading high-growth teams and transformative initiatives at enterprise SaaS companies. Prior to Tableau, Poornima led machine learning product management for applications at Workday, and prior to that, she was the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Alteryx. Poornima holds a PhD in Linguistics from SUNY Buffalo.

Katie Maertens

  • Senior Manager, Product Management at Tableau

10/11/2021 10:15 am - 11:00 am Data for the Win, Episode 1: Allyson Felix and Jessica Long

  • The intersection of data in sports is years in the making. Athletes and coaches use data to prevent injuries, monitor efficiency and recovery, and improve performance. Analyzing patterns over time can provide the insight needed to shift tiny details that make the difference between winning and losing. Get inspired in this two part series, as Tableau CMO, Jackie Yeaney, talks with Team USA’s Allyson Felix and Jessica Long about how they use "Data for the Win".

Jackie Yeaney, Executive Vice President, Marketing at Tableau

  • Jackie is the CMO of Tableau and serves on the Boards of Avaya and Talkspace. During the pandemic, she cofounded Blind Ambition Fitness with her husband. Jackie had previously held several other Chief Marketing roles at Ellucian, Red Hat, PGi, EarthLink, and HomeBanc Mortgage, among others. Jackie spent six years as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and started her career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. She has an MBA from MIT and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Jessica Long, 16 x US Paralympic Swimming Gold Medalist at Team USA

  • Jessica Long is one of America’s most decorated Paralympic champions, a speaker, an author, an advocate, and a sports personality.
  • Jessica’s life has been nothing short of amazing. Born to a teenage mother in the Siberia cold, burdened by congenital defects in her legs, and placed for adoption at 13 months old, Jessica was able to persevere and become one of the most decorated female athletes in US history. However, it was not without setbacks. At just 18 months old, Jessica’s legs were amputated below the knee due to a rare bone disorder called fibular hemimelia. But her adopted family would not let her physical differences limit her potential. With an unrelenting determination and belief in herself, Jessica has been able to reach the pinnacle of her sport and maintain her position amongst the best in the world for over a decade. Now, as one of America’s most decorated champions, her work focuses on winning in the water and inspiring others outside the pool. It’s through her struggles that she has learned to grow and thrive as a champion and person, and her message of hope resonates with all walks of life.
  • In fact, Jessica’s story inspired the most well received Super Bowl commercial of 2021, which highlights her story and the deep connections she has with her partners.

Allyson Felix, Most Decorated U.S. Track & Field Olympic Athlete, Advocate at Team USA

  • Allyson grew up in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Paul, is an ordained minister and was an excellent sprinter as a teen. She inherited her long, lean legs from her schoolteacher mother, Marlean. Allyson’s interest in the sport began watching her older brother, Wes, run. However, she did not try out for the school track team until her freshman year at Los Angeles Baptist High School in North Hills.
  • She never expected that she would find one of her passions on that high school track, but she did, and she's never looked back. Allyson has amassed an incredible 13 global titles, 10 United States Championships, 11 Olympic Medals, and a World Record. She holds the most U.S. Track & Field Olympic medals of all time. Her accomplishments solidify her as one of the greatest female athletes the world has seen and has garnered attention from the top media publications in the world. Features have included Vogue, Glamour, Essence, Self, O Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Elle.
  • Allyson has proven herself a force on the track, but has still made time to graduate with an elementary education degree from the University of Southern California. She also has a heart for her community and serves as an ambassador for Right to Play and Play Works and as a member of The President’s Council on Fitness, Sport, and Nutrition. Allyson has recently turned her attention to helping the NFL’s Nnamdi Asomugha provide Los Angeles-area teens with tools to prepare themselves for higher education through their ACTS College Summit.
  • It's hard to imagine that, although Allyson was the fastest high-school 200-meter runner in history, has the most World Championship titles in United States history, and has an Olympic and World Record, aspects of her career are still in the beginning stages. But in 2015, she began to pursue the 400-meter events and has already earned a world title and delivered the fastest 400-meter relay split in World Championship history. It seems the best is yet to come.

10/11/2021 11:00 am - 11:30 am Data, Ethics, and Leadership in 2021

  • From the Oval Office to the kitchen table, data shapes the policies and systems impacting everyday experiences of people across the country. And the reality is: not all data is perfect. Organizations' approaches to the ethical collection, analysis, and communication of data can have a profound impact on how policies and programs take shape. The Urban Institute’s President Sarah Rosen Wartell joins Tableau CEO Mark Nelson for a conversation about using data to educate presidents, inform decision-makers, and the need to build an ethical data culture within one of the U.S.’s most influential research institutes.

Mark Nelson, President and CEO at Tableau

  • Mark Nelson is President and CEO at Tableau Software. He sets the vision and direction for Tableau and oversees the company's strategy, business activities, and operations. Prior to becoming President and CEO, Mark was the Executive Vice President of Product Development for Tableau, leading the global engineering and product teams. Under his leadership, both teams helped the company broaden and deepen its industry-leading analytics platform to support customers globally.
  • Prior to Tableau, Mark was the Chief Technology Officer at Concur, where he was responsible for all aspects of product development as well as hosting operations for their SaaS services and Concur's internal IT function. He also spent 17 years as Vice President and Architect at Oracle. Mark has also served as a board member at the Data Integration company Talend and has advised various start-ups. Mark holds a BS in General Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Sarah Rosen Wartell, President at The Urban Institute

  • In 2012, Sarah Rosen Wartell became the third President of the Urban Institute, a nonprofit research organization that provides data and evidence to help improve the well-being of families and communities.
  • Previously, Wartell was the founding Chief Operating Officer and then Executive Vice President of the Center for American Progress. She also served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council and held roles at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Before government service, Wartell practiced law with the Washington, DC firm Arnold & Porter. She serves on the board of Enterprise Community Partners, Bank of America’s National Community Advisory Council, the executive board of NAPA's Center for Intergovernmental Partnerships, and the Sadie Collective’s Advisory Council.
  • Wartell has an AB with honors in urban affairs from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, a JD from Yale Law School, and an honorary undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

10/11/2021 11:30 am - 12:00 pm AI and Augmented Analytics Make Your Crystal Ball Obsolete

  • Learn how Tableau is bringing AI, augmented analytics, and deeper insight to everyday data practitioners, and see what's on the roadmap for the rest of the year.

Jaimie Hwang, Product Marketing, AI at Tableau

  • Jaimie Hwang is a Product Marketer who's focused on the AI/ML Portfolio at Tableau. She's been with Salesforce since November 2020 and has been working in the AI tech space for over seven years. Outside of work, she's passionate about exploring the great PNW, trying new restaurants and recipes, and spending quality time with her family.

11/11/2021 9-10 am Tableau Conference 2021 Iron Viz

  • Three finalists take the stage to compete for bragging rights (and $10,000 cash) in the world's largest data visualization competition. Watch, learn, cheer with other Data Rockstars around the globe.


Champion (USD10,000 award) - Lisa Trescott, Research Analyst at MiraCosta College

  • Lisa Trescott is a research analyst at MiraCosta College. She supports the efforts of student equity and achievement programs and uses Tableau on a daily basis to examine student outcomes, help identify students in need, and assist the college with strategic planning.
  • Lisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California San Diego, and a Master’s degree in Psychological Research from California State University, Long Beach. She started using Tableau four years ago when she joined MiraCosta College, and it quickly became integral to her data analysis.
  • Lisa started becoming active in the Tableau Community in March 2021, when she joined Twitter to submit a Real World Fake Data (RWFD) dashboard. Since then, she’s been vizzing for fun in her spare time and is in awe of all the resources and support she was missing out on before joining the #DataFam.
  • In her spare time, Lisa enjoys crafting, board games, playing with her cats, and traveling.

Pradeep Kumar G, Senior Tableau Consultant at Beinex Solutions LLC

  • Pradeep Kumar works as a Senior Tableau Consultant for Beinex in India. He creates business dashboards with Tableau to help clients in the automotive sector achieve their sales targets and improve customer retention.
  • Pradeep completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Kongu Engineering College in Erode, Tamil Nadu. He's also a Tableau Public Ambassador and Vizzie 2019 co-winner. He was introduced to Tableau when he joined his first organization as an Analyst Trainee in 2018. He still remembers the first dashboard he created with Tableau, which used the sample superstore data set and drew the attention of his entire team.
  • Pradeep started using Tableau Public during his first Iron Viz participation in August 2018. Since then, he's been actively participating in community-led projects such as #MakeoverMonday, #IronQuest, #ProjectHealthViz, and #RWFD challenges. Pradeep likes to create business dashboards with Tableau. His visualizations convey compelling data stories by leveraging simple charts, including bar charts, line charts, and area charts. In his leisure time, he likes to watch animated movies and travel to places with his friends.

Samuel Parsons, Senior Analytics Consultant at Biztory

  • Samuel Parsons works in the United Kingdom as a Senior Analytics Consultant for Biztory, a Tableau Gold Partner. He uses Tableau daily to create solutions for client needs, help them read and understand their data, and harness the power of visualisation to help their analyses.
  • Samuel studied for a Bachelor’s in Product Design and Manufacturer at Loughborough University, and this engineering design course gave Sam the building blocks for a successful transition into the world of Data Visualisation from his previous career as a Business Analyst in Finance. He also is a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional and one of the current Tableau Zen Masters.
  • Sam started using Tableau in Spring 2018 and quickly recognized Tableau’s flexibility in enabling its users to present data in a myriad of different forms. Initially, Sam took part in community projects such as Makeover Monday and Sports Viz Sunday, but then he quickly started to test his ability by entering Iron Viz.
  • Away from the world of Data, Sam spends his spare time mostly with his family, running with his three children and working to train his two St. Berdoodle puppies.


Andy Cotgreave, Technical Evangelist at Tableau

  • Andy Cotgreave, a Technical Evangelist at Tableau, is a co-author of The Big Book of Dashboards. He's also the host of If Data Could Talk, a co-host of Chart Chat, and a columnist for Information Age. He has over 15 years of experience in data visualization and business intelligence, first honing his skills as an analyst at the University of Oxford.
  • Andy helps customers, media, and analysts across all industries see and understand their data. He has inspired thousands of people with technical advice and ideas for how to identify trends in visual analytics and develop their own data discovery skills.
  • Keep in touch with Andy by subscribing to his Sweet Spot newsletter, which curates stories of how data intersects with the world, or follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tanushree Rohera, Solution Engineer at Tableau

  • Tanu(shree) is a Solution Engineer from Tableau Singapore. She joined Tableau in June of 2018, after graduating in Marketing and Analytics. At Tableau, she primarily works with businesses of varying sizes across the APAC market to help them realize more value from their data. Her absolute favorite Tableau feature is Tableau Prep, and she loves the world of data journalism. During her free time, you can find Tanu cycling around Singapore, designing things on Canva , organizing, and cooking. (And yes, Indian food is her specialty.)

Laura Granek, Solution Engineer at Tableau

  • Laura is a Solution Engineer at Tableau’s London office, where she advises our customers in Northern Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Originally from Amsterdam, Laura came to London to pursue her Master's Degree in International Economics. At Tableau, she now helps customers get the most out of their data all over the world and creates strategies that turn everyone into data people. Besides vizzing, Laura loves to cycle through the city, find a nice bakery, and search for some sun rays.

Christian Felix, Solution Engineer at Tableau

  • Christian Felix recently joined Tableau as a Lead Solution Engineer. Christian discovered Tableau through the free academic license while he was a student at Texas A&M. He immediately found the software awesome, fell in love with it, and has never looked back.
  • Since 2018, when he first started using Tableau Public, he's been a regular contributor to #ProjectHealthViz, and he loves the opportunity afforded by Tableau Public to contribute meaningfully to important topics and issues through the power of data visualization.
  • Christian has a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Finance from the University of Arizona and has completed graduate coursework in Analytics at Texas A&M. He is also a Tableau Desktop Certified Associate and a leader of the Tucson Tableau user group.

Taha Ebrahimi, Director, Tableau Public at Tableau

  • Taha Ebrahimi joined Tableau Software’s marketing organization in 2018 as Director of Tableau Public. Prior to that, she was SVP and Global Head of Strategic Content at risk management and consulting firm Marsh, where she first discovered Tableau Public and introduced it at her organization to publish their complex quarterly world insurance report. Taha is passionate about the storytelling power of data visualization to democratize the understanding of complex data insights.
  • Taha began her career as a journalist at The Seattle Times in 2003, has taught writing at the University of Pittsburgh, and has been a recipient of fellowships granted by The Thomas J. Watson Foundation (IBM) and the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation.
  • Taha loves learning, and data visualization is how she naturally understands best. During the pandemic, she learned about different tree species by hand-drawing analog data visualizations, mapping the trees in her neighborhood.

Keshia Rose, Product Management Senior Manager at Tableau

  • Keshia Rose is a Developer Advocate who focuses on enabling developers to create awesome integrations with Tableau APIs. Whether she’s building samples and prototypes or managing partner relationships and engaging with the developer community, she helps influence features that help developers automate, extend, and customize Tableau. In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, traveling, cooking, and playing video games.

Esther Aller, Customer Solutions Senior Analyst at Tableau

  • Esther is a Senior Analyst for Tableau’s Customer Solutions org. She believes strongly in Tableau’s mission to empower people to use data and lives that by answering questions on the Tableau forums as a Data Diplomat, helping customers as a Tableau Doctor, and contributing internally as a Data Doctor. She even gave a talk at Tableau Conference on troubleshooting calculations. This will be her seventh TC, and although she misses the energy of the in-person events, she always loves the chance to connect with our customers!

Jock Mackinlay, Technical Fellow at Tableau

  • Jock D. Mackinlay, an expert in visual analytics and human-computer interaction, is the first Technical Fellow at Tableau Software. He believes that well-designed software can help a wide range of individuals and organizations to work effectively with data, which will improve the world. Jock joined Tableau in 2004 after being on the PhD dissertation committee of Chris Stolte, one of the cofounders of Tableau. Jock got a computer science PhD at Stanford University in 1986 and joined the research team at Xerox PARC that coined the phrase “Information Visualization.” In 2009, Jock received the IEEE Visualization Technical Achievement Award for his seminal technical work on automatic presentation tools and new visual metaphors for information visualization.

Larissa Amoroso, Senior Director, Tableau Community at Tableau

  • Larissa Amoroso, Senior Director of the Tableau Community, has been with Tableau for eight years. In this role, Larissa is responsible for fostering an incredible Community where like-minded data rockstars can truly shine. With a passion for highlighting the voice of customers and building communities, Larissa brings over 15 years of experience leading cross-functional teams to create engaging experiences that inspire customers and drive action.

11/11/2021 10-10:30 am Accelerate Financial Services Innovation with AI & Analytics

Accelerate Financial Services Innovation with AI & Analytics

  • Learn how Standard Chartered Bank is preparing for the future with Tableau AI and analytics, and see powerful analytics in action.
  • Candra McRae, Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau
  • Craig Turrell, Head of P2P Digital at Standard Chartered Bank

Data Literacy: Getting Started and Tips for Success

November 10, 3:30 am - 4:00 am

  • First Broadcast: AmericasMarketingPublic SectorSaaSSalesData DiscussionsData for Good

Data Literacy is a hot topic—and for a good reason. Data Literacy is one of the biggest barriers to scaling analytics in an organization. Hear from Tableau customers on the future of data literacy and how organizations can upskill and prepare their workforce for a new era of data. Joanna Aksiuto, Sales Insights & Enablement Analyst at Elsevier

  • Joanna Aksiuto is a Sales Insights & Enablement Analyst at Elsevier, based in Amsterdam. She enjoys the combination of data and people to generate value through data democratization and education. Joanna started her Tableau journey in 2017 while completing her master's degree at Maastricht University.

Brian Kennedy, Director of Sales Analytics at Elsevier B.V.

  • Brian Kennedy is an experienced Sales Operations leader with a passion for data, intelligence, and data literacy. Brian works side by side with sales leaders to track their business and help them drive growth. Brian's focus on sales enablement support salespeoples' ability to tell data-driven value stories to their customers.

Sarah Nell Rodriguez, Principal Customer Success Manager at Tableau

  • Sarah Nell-Rodriquez is a globally recognized industry expert in software education and data literacy. Sarah brings her deep knowledge of technical education to customer success, helping companies build a successful data culture. She's the founder of, a site that empowers data literacy advocates to lower the barrier to data skills for everyone.

Peter Broer, Sales Enablement Manager at Elsevier

  • Peter is passionate about telling the story behind the data. He loves data-driven decision-making and continuous innovation. His experience in business development and working closely with sales leaders allows him to get to actionable and impactful insights. He’s a big believer that an analysis can only be as good as the story and communication around it. In his words, “Let’s explore what the story is behind your data!”

How to Become an Advocate for Data Literacy

  • Working with data is a sought-after skill but many are unsure how or where to start. We sat down with our Academic Community on bringing data literacy to all.

Yong Long Foo, Business Intelligence Developer at Singapore Management University

  • Yong Long, a former student ambassador from Singapore Management University, is a Solutions Engineer Intern at Tableau. He's also currently a Business Intelligence Developer at Infocepts, a company that provides analytics solutions to customers of all industries and sizes.

Nellie Marangou, Data Literacy Programme Lead at Multiverse

  • Nellie is a Programme Lead at Multiverse, where she manages the scaling Data Literacy apprenticeship programme and team. The program aims to equip a diverse group of individuals at variable stages in their careers with the necessary business and data skills, enabling them to accelerate their growth while at the same time helping businesses navigate digital transformation.
  • In her previous role with Multiverse, Nellie worked as a Data Coach and Team Lead, where she directly supported individuals in more 20 different organizations as they developed into highly successful, data-literate professionals. She is experienced in working with both career starters and career builders through group delivery and individual coaching, enabling them to make the most of their data and eventually become digital leaders for their teams and organizations.
  • Before joining Multiverse, Nellie completed a PhD in astroparticle physics at Imperial College London, where she analyzed data that was acquired by a dark matter experiment that aimed to directly detect dark matter. Nellie holds a master’s degree in theoretical physics from Imperial College and a bachelor's degree in Physics from University College London.

Nairanjana Dasgupta, Director of Data Analytics at Washington State University

  • Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta is a Boeing Distinguished Professor of Science and Mathematics and Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. She also directs the Data Analytics Program and was the founding Director of Center of Interdisciplinary Statistics Education and Research (CISER). She has been a fellow of American Statistical Association (ASA) since 2018. She's part of the Advisory Board for Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA). She's the President Elect for Caucus for Women in Stats (CWS) and chairs the JEDI section for WNAR International Biometric Society. And, she's passionate and vocal about data literacy for all.
  • Nairanjana’s forte is interdisciplinary research, solving real-life problems from other disciplines and developing feasible statistical methodologies. She is involved with all three areas of faculty life: research, teaching, and service. Her interest in interdisciplinary research is apparent in her 62 publications. In her classes, her goal has always been to expose her students to real-life problems and teach them how to communicate their solutions, and she's served as an advisor to 77 graduate students. She's on the editorial board of “The American Statistician” and served on “Journal of Statistical Computations and Simulations” until 2016. She has an active research profile, having been funded by NIST, NSF, and NIH, and is currently co-PI on two funded grants.
  • She is a very involved mother and actively advocates for learning disabilities and special education. She enjoys reading, poetry, art, and cooking—especially using Indian spices in other cuisines.

Bergen Schmetzer, Academic Marketing Specialist at Tableau Software

  • Bergen Schmetzer leads the Tableau for Students program on the academic team and is passionate about inspiring and empowering the younger generation with necessary skills for the future. Outside of work, she’s an avid gluten-free baker, cat mom, and painter.

Data Culture in Education: A Fireside Chat with Three Universities

  • Fireside chats with education leaders, including a Zen master, who discuss how embracing a data culture improved outcomes for faculty, staff, and students.

Ken Flerlage, Associate Director, Data Analytics at Bucknell University

  • Ken is a four-time Zen Master and a Forums Ambassador. He spends a lot of his time answering questions on the forums, engaging in data visualization discussions on social media, and blogging on, a site he shares with his identical twin brother and fellow Zen Master, Kevin.

Lori Lindenberg, District Director of Enterprise Analytics and Strategy at Maricopa Community College District

  • Lori Lindenberg is the District Director of Enterprise Analytics and Strategy, responsible for delivering analytics solutions, providing data literacy support, and guiding the strategy for data delivery, data interpretation, and data-based decision-making for the Maricopa Community College District. Lori joined MCCD in 2016 as the Director of Research for Phoenix College and served in the Academic and Student Affairs Division before residing in ITS.
  • Prior to MCCD, Lori served in a variety of data leadership roles at the University of North Dakota that included analytics-driven solutions in strategic planning, budget allocation, financial aid, student recruitment, program review, accreditation, learning outcome assessment, and comprehensive data visualization development.
  • Lori has experience using Tableau, iDashboards, and PowerBI. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Public Administration from the University of North Dakota.

Jessica Lyons, Senior Academic Program Manager at Tableau

  • Jessica Lyons is a Senior Program Manager for Tableau for Teaching, Adjunct Psychology Professor, Data Strategist, and more importantly a mother to four amazing individuals. Jessica has dedicated the last 8 years of life to Data Analytics, Teaching, and Program evaluation.
  • Jessica has spent nearly a decade working in various areas of education. She's been on the Board of Education for School District 428 and chaired the Illinois State Board of Education CCOP committee. She's been a District Data Analyst and an Account Manager with NWEA. She also founded a small consulting business and presents at various educational conferences. Jessica has cultivated her skills and found the intersections between cultural psychology, assessment, and education through data literacy.

Ravi Pendse, VP for Information Technology and CIO at University of Michigan

  • Ravi Pendse, PhD, is the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at the University of Michigan, where he's responsible for providing university-wide leadership and strategic direction for information technology. He's also a clinical professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the College of Engineering. Dr. Pendse began his service on August 1, 2018.
  • Dr. Pendse has extensive experience as a successful and collaborative university leader. Dr. Pendse joined the university from Brown University, where he served as vice president for computing and information services and chief information officer. He has also been a professor, researcher, teacher, and advisor to students.
  • Dr. Pendse has secured more than $21 million in external research grants; developed and taught courses in the areas of computer architecture, networking, and cybersecurity; earned several teaching awards; and published numerous scholarly articles co-authored with students. His research interests include the Internet of things, cybersecurity, and the future of work.
  • Dr. Pendse holds a BS in electronics and communication engineering from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. He received his MS and PhD in electrical engineering from Wichita State University.