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Training/Webinars/Workshops: Data Analytics for Business Professionals



Data Analytics for Business Professionals

Course details

  • 1h 17m Intermediate Released: 1/29/2018

What can data analytics do for your business? Take a lesson from companies like Xerox and UPS. Data analytics can help cut costs, speed up delivery, generate forecasts, and make better decisions. In this introductory overview, economist and author John Johnson shows leaders and executives how to use analytics to make data-driven decisions and gain competitive advantage. First, see examples of real-life analytics in action. Then explore the differences between predictive and prescriptive analytics, and find out how to formulate questions—a process that can be almost as revealing as finding the answers. John then shows how to collect, clean, and aggregate data from different sources across your organization, and identify when data is flawed. Then learn how to plan and deploy an analytics strategy for your business, starting with a variety of simple techniques: averages, sampling, cherry picking, forecasting, and correlation and causality. Finally, John closes with some resources and next steps to advance your analytics knowledge.

Learning objectives

  • Determine what data analytics can do for your business.
  • Define the different types of data.
  • Identify how to calculate descriptives.
  • Recognize the role of predictive analytics in your business.
  • Identify the definition of prescriptive analytics.
  • Examine the essentials to crafting better questions.
  • Explore a case study to determine the correct question to ask.
  • Identify the types of data collection issues that could arise.
  • Determine the steps to take when there is a data fail.
  • Define “cherry picking” in data analytics.