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Training/Webinars/Workshops: An Introduction to Photoshop (Photo Editing)(Intermediate)



An Introduction to Photoshop (Photo Editing)(Intermediate)

  • Date: 18th January 2021 (Monday)
  • Time: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm (12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch)
  • Participant: THEi staff and students
  • Venue: Online Platform MS Teams
  • Speaker: Mr. Dominic Keung
  • Medium of Instruction: English
  • Deadline: 16th December 2020 (Wednesday)


  • Webinar Outline:
  • Lesson 1:
  • Introduction of Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
  • Interface setting
  • Preferences setting
  • Short cut key
  • Color format
  • Pantone Color Guide
    • Choose color
    • CMYK & RGB color
  • Layer knowledge
  • Copy layer
  • Basic retouch photo skill
    • Crop image
    • Custom Crop Tool & ppi
    • Straighten photo
  • Camera Raw filter
    • Edit photo using Camera Raw filter


  • Lesson 2:
  • Retouching photo
    • Clone Stamp Tool
    • Healing Brush Tool & Spot Healing Brush Tool
    • Patch Tool
  • Content Aware
    • Content Aware Scale
    • Content Aware Fill
    • Content Aware Move
    • Content Aware Extend
  • What is remove background?
  • Method 1  -  Quick Selection Tool 
  • Method 2 - Pen Tool
  • Create Mask effect


  • Recording:
    • This online webinar will NOT be video recorded.
  • How to register:
    • All application should be via VTC email.
    • Successful participants will receive confirmation email one week prior the webinar commence by VTC email.
    • The webinar have a limited quota.
    • If the webinar is overenrolled, applicants will be placed on standby list. If you do not receive our confirmation email, you may consider your enrollment unsuccessful.
  • Not able to attend:
    • If you have successfully registered but you cannot attend the webinar, you need to send email to three days before the webinar to inform us so that we can reallocate the place to standby applicants.
  • Penalty applied for this webinar:
    • If you did not attend webinar and you did not inform us 3 days in advance, you will be suspended from joining other webinars in the coming three months.
  • Get the Adobe Photoshop Trial: