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Training/Webinars/Workshops: Keynote for Educators



Keynote for Educators

Course details

  • 36m Beginner + Intermediate Released: 9/19/2016

Technology like Keynote has transformed learning. With a little bit of skill, this inexpensive presentation tool can be used to create more interactive lessons and reach more students than is possible with traditional teaching tools alone. Join educator and staff author Oliver Schinkten as he shows how to leverage Keynote to engage student interest and create more active learning environments. Learn how to create effective slides, add interactivity, create flipped classes, assess student performance, and leverage project-based learning techniques. Plus, learn how to empower students to create their own presentations with Keynote and turn the knowledge they've acquired into applied thinking.

Learning objectives

  • Creating engaging Keynote presentations
  • Inserting interactive actions
  • Creating flipped classes
  • Empowering students to create with Keynote