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Training/Webinars/Workshops: Predictive Analytics with Intelliboard Next!



Predictive Analytics with Intelliboard Next!

By Intelliboard - Reporting Tool for Moodle

Generate predictions

  • You've collected your data and reports... now what? Learn how to generate predictions from YOUR source data based on your organization's success criteria and incorporate them into reports for everyone in your organization with our Predictive Analytics!

Other functions of Intelliboard Next!

Bring any data together

  • Overwhelmed with too many data sets in different locations? With InForm you can import and manage data directly in IntelliBoard Next, relate it to system data, and use it in reports and graphs the same way you would any other data.

Build your own reports

  • Trapped in generic reporting? Personalize your reports, calculate additional fields, choose colors, modify column titles, manipulate order, and so much more. You can create and format all your data requirements with Visual Builder.

Simplify communication

  • Struggling with your communication pipeline? Inform and capture communication with end users in our robust communication hub, InContact. It empowers the conversation with live, student specific data for informed and actionable support.