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Training/Webinars/Workshops: Core Strategies for Teaching in Higher Ed



Core Strategies for Teaching in Higher Ed

Course details (2 hours)

  • Join professor Karl Kapp as he walks higher ed instructors through strategies for successfully engaging and teaching college students, while achieving their own publishing and career goals. When it comes to strategies inside the classroom, Karl covers increasing students' critical thinking skills, teaching with technology, introducing outside resources, and maintaining academic rigor. Outside the classroom, he'll show professors how to stay current, adapt to the evolving academic landscape, and collaborate with peers for career success.

Learning objectives

  • Respecting your students
  • Conveying your passion for teaching
  • Maintaining academic rigor
  • Engaging students in and out of class
  • Making learning active
  • Staying current
  • Continually improving your teaching
  • Publishing your work
  • Being flexible
  • Connecting to the outside world
  • Collaborating with peers