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Training/Webinars/Workshops: Goal Setting: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)



Goal Setting: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Course details

  • 34m Beginner + Intermediate Released: 2/19/2020

Get started with objectives and key results (OKRs), the popular management methodology for goal setting that can encourage collaboration and alignment, clarify priorities, and empower employees to do their best work. Instructor Jessie Withers walks through the concepts behind OKRs, how to design OKRs for groups, and how to implement the framework across an organization. Jessie also discusses how to manage OKRs throughout the year, measure results, and create a culture of accountability.

Learning objectives

  • The power of strategic goals
  • OKR fundamentals
  • Designing OKRs for impact
  • Writing an OKR
  • OKRs for groups
  • The OKR design process for a group
  • Managing and following up on OKRs
  • Implementing OKRs throughout an organization
  • Measuring OKR implementation success