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Leganto Reading Lists: Before You Start

Use this guide to create reading lists via Leganto

First Steps

We are glad you are interested in using Leganto in your Courses!  Before you get started creating reading lists, a librarian needs to activate your course.  Reach out to the instruction and outreach librarian with the following information:

  • The Program title and Program Code that associate with the Module, e.g. Higher Diploma in Rehabilitation Services AS114206
  • The Module name(s) (Course full name) and Module code(s) (Course short name) which you set and automatically created in Moodle
  • The term (Start and End date) in which the Course(s) will take place 
  • The names of anyone else that will need to work on the list (Collaborators)
  • The number of students who enrolled in the Course(s)
  • A copy of your syllabus and/or current reading list

Please also let us know if you plan to use the same list in multiple sections or courses. It takes time to process the Reading List and please provide sufficient time to evaluate/process each citations. 

Preparations in Moodle

If you have any questions on settings in Moodle, e.g. create a Moodle course, batch enrolling students and enrolling co-teachers. Please read the tutorials and guidelines under the Moodle support

You may also find more Moodle support documents here,

Instruction and Assistance

Please contact your campus LRC's Librarian for further arrangements.