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Leganto Reading Lists: FAQ & Further Helps

Use this guide to create reading lists via Leganto


Q. My student cannot see the reading list in Leganto?

Please confirm
- the student is enrolled in the course in Moodle, i.e. correct course title and code
- the reading list is associated with the course in Leganto
- the reading list is published in Leganto


Q. How to request a printed book chapter to be digitized as an attachment in reading list?

- You can search the printed book and add as the citation in reading list
- Then edit the citation type as "book chapter" to fill in the required information such as chapter title/author/start & end page numbers
- Add tag "Digitization Request" to let LRC staff about your request and send the citation to LRC staff for processing


Q. "Cite it" function doesn't work in my browse, why?

You have to first login the Leganto through Moodle platform and add the widget to your browser. If it does not work, please remove and add the widget again. Firefox and Chrome browsers are preferred and cookies must be enabled.


Q. How long would it takes when reading list sent to LRC staff for processing?

It depends on the number of citations and how many printed title is required to proceed for acquisitions. For general printed book acquisitions, it usually takes 6-8 weeks for processing, sometimes may be longer if titles cannot be supplied by vendors. 


Q. For question regarding to the citations, who should I contact?

You can use the "Library discussion" in the right column of every citation details page. The submitted message will be received by LRC staff who handle your reading list and answer your questions.


Q. Can I back up the reading list for future use?

Yes, you can export the reading list with an file extension ".Ign" for future use in the same or other courses. 

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