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Leganto Reading Lists: Home

Use this guide to create reading lists via Leganto

Welcome to the Leganto User Guide

Welcome to using Leganto, a new Reading List Management Tool in VTC. This tool allows Departments and librarians to work together to create Reading Lists containing library materials. The lists show the location and availability information for print books and include links to ebooks supplied by LRC. It can also contains link to other kinds of materials such as websites, video or multimedia files.

Lecturers can:

  • create dynamic lists of relevant, up-to-date materials gathered from a range of sources including the Library collection, internet and multimedia resources
  • easily manage and update course resources in other courses or future semesters 
  • link course resource lists in VTC
  • restrict the reading list materials to course students only
  • filter list items by type or priority
  • export the list to word or PDF formats in different citation styles

Students can: 

  • easily access lists for all of their courses in one place, either available in physical or digital formats
  • engage with the resources, comment on readings, make recommendations
  • build a personal collection of resources

This guide is designed to help you use Leganto to create reading lists. Use the navigation on the left to find tutorials and information on different aspects of Leganto. If at any time you have questions, don't hesitate to contact your LRC Librarian.

About Leganto

Leganto Staff Introduction and Training session (16 Apr 2021)