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Leganto Reading Lists: Add Items/Readings/Resources to a Section

Use this guide to create reading lists via Leganto

Add Citations to a List

There are multiple ways to add citations to the section of your Reading lists. Each one is demonstrated in the video below and details are explained in the nex section. Use the Leganto Search feature to find resources already in the library (via the library catalogue) is the most convenient way to add Readings when you have the detail information, e.g. Title, Author, ISBN, etc.

Use the "Cite It!" Widget, you can add citations from various resources from the web. This is especially helpful if you would like to share the videos, online resources, webpage manual, etc.

For those teaching and learning materials that created by your own (e.g. PowerPoint, Handouts and Photos), you can also make use of the Upload feature to share them with your students.


Adding Citaions from the Library Catalogue

The first way to add course materials to your Reading List is to use the search feature within Leganto. This feature is connected to VTC library catalogue (, which link up to all available resources and retrieve the standardized bibliographical information as the citation information.

By clicking the "Plus sign", the right column with change to a search tool


In the search tool, you can enter the search criteria and untick the box of "include records without full-text access" option. Click Search. 
Note: If you don't have the exact resource information, you are recommended to search in library catalogue first which would have more tools to refine your search.


Results listed below and you can "Add & Edit" the item before adding to the Reading list, e.g. the citation only include a book chapter and you can change the information of page number. Click "Save" when finished. 


If no amendments, you can click "Add" directly or simply drag and drop the item to the reading list. 


You can add tag to identify the resources are either Textbooks or References. Repeat these steps to complete the Reading list.

Textbooks - Course core materials 
Reserve 2 hours - Copies in 2-hour reserved collection
Reference - Additional materials
Digitization Request - Request a digital file of book/journal chapter


Adding Citations from the Web

For adding web resources outside the Library catalogue, you can also add through Leganto by the "Cite It!" Widget.

You have to install the "Cite It!" tool as the browser bookmark. Enable your browser's bookmarks toolbar or folder. Click on your name on the top right hand corner and select "Cite It!".


Drag and drop the icon to the bookmark panel.


In a new window, you can open your target resources. Click the "Cite It!" bookmark and a pop-up window will appear. Information will be written to the corresponding fields and you have to select the correct Reading list & Sections. Click "Add & Close"


Back to the Leganto page, the resource will appear in the selected Reading List.

Adding Citations from Your Files

If you have your own PowerPoint, Handouts or Photos that you would like to share with your students, you can also upload to Leganto.

Click "Plus sign" and select "Create" on the right hand side menu.


Drag and drop files to the source box and click to browse for a file. 


You can fill in the citation information and select the Reading List section manually. Click Add.


The document is now appear in the designated section.

Adding Citations from "My Collections"

For those Citations that appear in more than 1 Reading List, you can add the Citation to "My Collection" and re-use them afterwards. 

In every single citation, click "..." at the end of row and select "Copy to My Collection". The Citation will be successfully added to "My Collection"


In the left column, select "Collection" to view/manage/suggest the items


When you want to add the Citation from "My collection", click "Plus sign" and select "My Collection". If no amendments, you can click "Add" directly or simply drag and drop the item to the reading list. 

Add citations from RefWroks

You can linkage to your RefWorks account to import your citations to Leganto. You can login Refworks in User Settings.

Select either "Legacy RefWorks" or "New RefWorks" and enter the Username and Password.

Back to reading list, you can add items and click "More" tab in the side panel. Refworks citation will appear and you can add them directly to the reading list now.