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Childcare, Elderly and Community Services: Home


This guide introduces you to some sources of information in Childcare, Elderly and Community Services available in Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education Libraries. All materials can be searched in the VTC Library Catalogue. Internet links to relevant sites can also be accessed via the Library Homepage (

Useful Subject Heading

The following subject headings may be used to locate materials about this subject when searching in VTC Library Catalogue.

Aging Childbirth Kindergarten
Child care Children -- Health and hygiene Language awareness in children
Child care services Children's literature Longevity
Child development Day care centers Old age
Child health service Education, Preschool Older people
Child mental health service Geriatrics Parenting
Child psychology Gerontology Preschool teaching
Child rearing Infants -- Care Retirement


Reference Work

Call numbers with the prefix "REF" indicate that the publications are in the Reference Collection. These materials will assist you in finding background information, key concepts, terms and bibliographies that relate to the subject. Examples are as follows:

Encyclopedia of family health REF     RA 418.5 .F3 E45 2011
The encyclopedia of elder care REF RC 954 .E53 2014
The encyclopedia of mental health REF RC 437 .K34 2008
The world book encyclopedia REF AE 5 .W55 2010
牛津兒童百科全書 REF AG 5 .O9412 2008


Books in this subject can be searched by Subject in VTC Library Catalogue. Some subject terms in this discipline are listed on the front page.

Nutrition for the older adult  CIR      TX 361 .A3 B47 2016
Adult development and aging  CIR BF 724.5 .C38 2015
Aging, the individual, and society  CIR HQ 1061 .H55 2015
Designing games for children : developmental, usability, and design considerations for making games for kids CIR QA 76.76 .C672 F584 2015
Gerontology for the health care professional  CIR RA 564.8 .G468 2015
How to age


BF 724.55 .A35 K37 2015

Annual editions : early childhood education CIR LB 1139.23 .E373 2014b
Bringing up bébé : one American mother discovers the wisdom of French parenting CIR HQ 769 .D78 2014
Child development : theory and practice 0-11 CIR HQ 767.9 .D64 2014
Exploring well-being in the early years  CIR LB 1117 .E97 2014
How to care for aging parents : a one-stop resource for all your medical, financial, housing, and emotional issues CIR HQ 1063.6 .M673 2014
Issues in aging  CIR HQ 1061 .N68 2014
Playing and learning outdoors : making provision for high quality experiences in the outdoor environment with children 3-7 CIR GV 424.5 .W45 2014
Social gerontology : a multidisciplinary perspective CIR HQ 1061 .H66 2014
Your early childhood practicum and student teaching experience : guidelines for success CIR LB 2157 .U5 T96 2014


與孩子一起上的情緖管理課 : 五個探索階段 x 四種教養類型 x 五項輔導步驟 CIR

BF 723 .E6 G67212 2015

好好照顧您 : 台大老年醫學專家教你照護爸媽, 不可不知的 10 大迷思與 14 項困擾 CIR RA 777.6 .Z433 2015
料理檯上的生活練習 : 從廚房開始的五感啟發, 一起探索孩子的個性與天賦! = Cooking with kids gives them an important lifelong skill! CIR TX 661 .L5 2015
老得好優雅 = The gift of years : growing older gracefully CIR HQ 1061 .C45512 2014
老前生活整理 : 預約優雅後青春 CIR HQ 1064 .J3 S2512 2014
無心的壞話, 會寄放孩子一輩子 : 培養正向好孩子的日常教養替代句全書 = Hearing is believing : how words can make or break our children CIR HQ 769 .M3312 2014
走進孩子的心 : 兒童精神科醫師媽媽培育孩子堅強心靈, 解決情緒問題 Q&A CIR HQ 769 .S55512 2014
不會游泳的魚 : 慢學成功教育家教你如何讓孩子的天賦自由 = The fish doesn't swim CIR HQ 769 .S84 2014
玩出孩子的新視野! : 玩樂帶給孩子大腦的刺激超乎想像 CIR HQ 782 .T36 2014
樂齡智障社區共融服務 : 友你真好師友計劃 : 研究報告暨實務手冊 CIR HV 3009.5 .A35 L45 2014
在家玩蒙特梭利 : 掌握 0-6 歲九大敏感期 : 48 個感覺統合遊戲, 全方位激發孩子潛能 CIR LB 1029 .M75 L55 2014
幼兒發展評量與輔導  CIR LB 1131 .W37 2014
媽媽牌腦部發育創意遊戲117種  CIR LB 1140.35 .E36 K5612 2014
學會思考 : 創造樂在學習的人生 CIR LB 1590.3 .H66 2014
長者家書 2  CIR PL 2623 .Z43 2014



Electronic Databases


Call numbers with prefix "PER" can be found in the Periodical / Serials Section. Listed below are some current journal titles:

Alzheimer's and Dementia PER RC 523 .A372
Australasian Journal of Early Childhood PER LB 1101 .A98
Child development PER HQ 767.8 .C54
Journal of Social work Practice in the addictions PER HV 5800 .J68
Piccolo PER AP 200 .P53
Psychology Today PER BF 1 .P76
The Gerontologist PER HQ 1060 .G4
Working mother PER HQ 759 .M284
人本教育札記 PER LC 1016 .R45
中國老年 PER HQ 1060 .C48
中國社會工作 PER HV 416 .Z54
幼兒教育 PER LB 1140 .A1 Y68
社會政策與社會工作學刊 PER HN 1 .S54
教育導刊 PER LB 1028 .H46

Audio-visual Materials

Audio-visual materials (e.g. audio-cassettes, computer disks, video tapes, CD-ROMs, video cassettes ... ) are indicated by a prefix "AV" to the call number and they are generally available for use in the Audio-visual / Multi-media Section. Prefixes for AV materials are as follows:

Prefix Format Prefix Format
AV Audio cassettes AVD Compact discs
AVH Video tapes   Computer disks
  TV programs   Digital video discs
AVO Kits   Laser discs
  Microforms   Video compact discs

The following is a list of some examples of the AV materials:

Art therapy : a universal language for healing AVD         RC 489 .A7 A78 2011 DVD
Child care in action AVD HQ 769 .C45 2005 CD-ROM
Fun baby AVD BF 723 .J6 F86 2005 DVD
Healthy ageing a lifelong guide AVD RA 777.6 .W47 2005 CD
High/Scope 高瞻課程 AVD LB 1140.3 .H54 2007 DVD
Horowitz impact of event scale, revised : an assessment of post-traumatic stress in older adults AVD RC 552 .P67 H67 2009 DVD
More than words : a new culture of caring and communicating with persons who have dementia AVD RC 521 .M67 2011 DVD
Where dreams come true AVD GV 1853.3 .C22 D57 2010 DVD
Winnie the Pooh’s most grand adventure AVD PN 1997.5 .W566 2006 DVD
嚴重心理創傷的遊戲治療 AVD RJ 505 .P6 P53 2013 DVD
口肌訓練示範光碟 AVD RC 423 .K68 2007 DVD
成長的秘密 AVD HQ 769 .C4492 2011 DVD
兒童性教育系列. 1, AVD HQ 53 .C45 2012 DVD
冠心病及中風 AVD RC 388.5 .G83 2007 DVD
烏龜 AVD QL 666 .C5 W84 2009 DVD
培養孩子好習慣 AVD BJ 1638 .C5 P45 2008 DVD
健康陪住你: 長者運動推廣計劃 AVD GV 482.6 .J53 2006 DVD
遊戲治療技術 : 臨床示範 AVD RJ 505 .P6 T43 2009 DVD