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Childcare, Elderly and Community Services: Printed Resources

Printed Books

Title: Management and leadership in social work : a competency based approach
Author: Rofuth, Todd W.; Piepenbring, Julie M.
Call number: HV 40 .R648 2020
ISBN: 9780826130679


Management and leadership in social work : a competency based approach

Title: Commonsense methods for children with special needs and disabilities

Author: Westwood, Peter S.

Call number: LC 4015 .W44 2021

ISBN: 9780367625757

Title: The essentials of family therapy
Author: Nichols, Michael P. and Davis, Sean D.
Call number: RC 488.5 .N528 2020
ISBN: 9780135168097

Title: Understanding social enterprise : theory and practice
Author: Ridley-Duff, Rory. and Bull, Mike.
Call number: HD 60 .R54 2019
ISBN: 9781526457738

Title: An introduction to group work practice

Author: Toseland, Ronald W.; Rivas, Robert F.

Call number: HV 45 .T68 2022

ISBN: 9781292352091

Title: Social work and human development

Author: Walker, Janet, 1957-; Horner, Nigel.

Call number: HV 245 .W253 2020

ISBN: 9781526468796

Title: Early childhood curriculum : planning, assessment and implementation

Author: McLachlan, Claire.; Fleer, Marilyn.; Edwards, Susan, 1975-

Call number: LB 1139.4 .M35 2018

ISBN: 9781316642849

Title: Child development : theory and practice 0-11

Author: Doherty, Jonathan, 1961-; Hughes, Malcolm.

Call number: HQ 767.9 .D64 2014

ISBN: 9781292001012

Audio-visual Materials

Title: 老能有所依: 退休人生精彩不落幕

Call number: HQ 1064 .T7 L36 2018

Title: 伴生 = Snuggle

Call number: HV 1484 .H62 B36 2018

Title: 銀享樂齡新世力 = Keep shining

Call number: HQ 1061 .Y569 2016

Title: 教養新翻轉 兒童身心成長篇

Call number: HQ 769 .J535 2016

Title: Elder care: oral hygiene

Call number: RK 61 .E43 2014

Title: Child development careers

Call number: RJ 131 .C45 2013

Title: Preventing elder abuse helping keep residents safe

Call number: HV 6626.3 .P74 2012

Title: 解讀孩子的敏感期

Call number: HQ 772 .J54 2008

Title: Autism spectrum disorders in young children a visual training guide. Volume 1, An overview 

Call number: RJ 506 .A9 A983 2008

Title: 嬰幼兒托育評量表 訓練影片

Call number: HQ 778.63 .V53 2009

Title: 受虐兒童的遊戲治療

Call number: RJ 505 .P6 E87 2013

Title: 發現希望. 32, 獨居不是問題 獨居老人也可健康安居

Call number: HQ 1064 .T28 F392 2005

Title: 如何指導注意力不集中過度活躍的孩子

Call number: LC 4713.2 .R84 2005

Title: 蒙特梭利敎學

Call number: LB 1029 .M75 M65 2001

Title: 你我老之路 初老台灣長照應戰

Call number: HQ 1064 .T28 N59 2017

Reference Work

Title: The encyclopedia of elder care : the comprehensive resource on geriatric and social care
Author: Capezuti, Liz., Malone, Michael L., Katz, Paul R., Mezey, Mathy Doval.
Call number: RC 954 .E53 2014
ISBN: 9780826137357

Title: Encyclopedia of family health
Author: Craft-Rosenberg, Martha. and Pehler, Shelley-Rae.
Call number: RA 418.5 .F3 E45 2011
ISBN: 9781412969185

Title: 牛津兒童百科全書 = The Oxford children's encyclopedia
Author: R. E. 阿蘭. ; 李保傑.; 蘇永剛. ; 蘇奕菲.
Call number: AG 5 .O9412 2008
ISBN:  9789867256805

Title: 華人育兒百科 = Encyclopedia of parenting
Author: 林奏延.; 周育如. and 長庚兒科精英醫療團隊.
Call number: RJ 61 .H83 2015
ISBN:  9789862419526

Title: Encyclopedia of early childhood education
Author: Williams, Leslie R. and Fromberg, Doris Pronin.
Call number: LB 1139.25 .E53 2012
ISBN:  9780415672511

Title: Handbook of social work in health and aging
Author: Berkman, Barbara.; D'Ambruoso, Sarah.
Call number: HV 1451 .H36 2006
ISBN:  9780195173727


Title: 天下雜誌 = Common Wealth

Call number: HC 430.5 .A1 T5

Title: 中國社會保障 = China Social Security

Call number: HD 7230 .Z45

Title: 社會政策與社會工作學刊 = Social Policy & Social Work

Call number: HN 1 .S54

Title: Health and Social Care in the community

Call number: HV 1 .H43

Title: 中國社會工作 = China Social Work

Call number: HV 416 .Z54

Title: Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions

Call number: HV 5800 .J68

Title: 敎育導刊 (上半月) = Journal of Educational Development

Call number: LB 1028 .H46

Title: 敎育硏究月刊 = Journal of Education Research

Call number: LB 1028.25 .C43

Title: ほいくあっぷ : More fun & pride

Call number: LB 1139.2 .H65

Title: 學前敎育 (幼教版) +(家教版)

Call number: LB 1140 .A1 X95

Title: 幼兒敎育 (教育教學) = Early Childhood Education

Call number: LB 1140 .A1 Y68

Title: 人本敎育札記 = Humanistic Education Journal

Call number: LC 1016 .R45