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Tuen Mun - Learning Resources Centre

Welcome to the official website of Learning Resources Centre (LRC) at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tuen Mun)

Tuen Mun - Learning Resources Centre

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Learning Resources Centre

Institute of Vocational Education (Tuen Mun)

Rm 418, 18 Tsing Wun Road

Tuen Mun

New Territories

Tel.: 2460 5213

Fax: 2463 7104


Opening Hours

8:30am-9:00pm (Mon-Fri)

9:00am-5:00pm (Sat)

Public Holiday & (Sun) Closed


屯門學院學習資源中心是一個綜合設施和服務的學習中心,提供理想的學習、研究、消閒閱讀環境。中心座落於四一八室,共有四層,總面積約為 二千五百二十七平方米。並提供約三百八十二個閱讀座位及四所研習室供讀者使用。中心設施包括有圖書館服務、自學區、電腦開放中心、多媒體工作坊及其他學生活動區。


學生發展中心以個人成長,求職擇業及全人發展為主題,展出有關書刋及學習資源,並為同學提供參與服務學習計劃、實習企業和學長輔學計劃的機會和支援。中心亦設有個人電腦,讓同學透過職業傾向測驗,認識自己的事業發展方向,溜灠 IVE及其他機構的就業資訊系統,及以特備的自學軟件,提昇學習技巧。同學亦可在此使用有關工具建立個人檔案、準備面試和規劃生涯,為升學就業做好準備。




The Learning Resource Centre is a one-stop learning and teaching resource centre that provides an environment conducive to study, research and leisure reading. Located at Room 418, the Centre occupies four floors with 2,527 square metres of floor space. About 382 seats and four project rooms are provided for library users. Its facility includes Campus Library, Learning and Development Zone, Open Access Computer Area, Multi-media Workshop, Project Rooms and various student activity areas.  

The library component provides a full range of information media and services to support the college's academic programs and related activities. The Centre has a collection of approximately 47,000 volumes of books and non-print materials, and over 90 serials titles. The core collections mainly cover the areas of business and management, construction, computer studies, engineering and information technology. In addition to traditional media services, access to many full text databases and eBooks is provided.

Learning and Development Zone is located on the 3rd floor of the South Wing. It comprises the Independent Language Learning Centre and the Student Development Centre. The Independent Language Learning Centre is a creative multimedia learning centre which provides a cozy environment for students to work at their own pace in a relaxing atmosphere. The Centre has a Seminar Room, an E-learning Zone, an Activity Corner, and a Reading Corner.  We have personal computers, DVD players, a laser projector, language-related CD-Roms and a rich collection of Chinese and English language learning resources which help students enhance their language proficiency.  The ILLC also offers English language counseling service to monitor students’ learning progress. In addition, the Centre organizes various activities and fun workshops for students throughout the year.

Student Development Centre provides books, printed materials and learning resources in themes of personal growth, career development and whole person development. Students could also find opportunities and support for taking part in Services Learning Programme, Virtual Enterprise and Supplemental Instruction Scheme. Students may use online aptitude tests to understand their career inclination, search information on Job Information System of IVE and other agencies, and enhance their learning skills with updated software. There are also kits for portfolio building, interview skills as well as life planning for students to prepare their further studies and career path.

The 2-storey Open Access Computer Area is located on 3rd and 4th floor of LRC North Wing. The Computer Area provides over 100 computers to facilitate students’ teaching and learning needs. A wide range of peripherals, such as high-speed laser printers, desktop scanners, and USB card readers, are also available in the Computer Area. The Computer Area also hosts the network wiring closets to serve the LRC gigabit Ethernet and WiFi networks.

The Multi-media Workshop is a new facility in IVE(TM) campus. The workshop is located on 2nd Floor of LRC New Wing. The workshop is aimed to assist students and teachers in audio-video and image editing. Six high-end PC and Macintosh stations, as well as a great variety of professional mixing/recording/editing equipments, are available. In addition, binding machines, laminator, and teaching material CD/DVD duplicators are also provided in the workshop.