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Languages: Reference Materials for Language Courses

Higher Diploma

LAN3100 English and Communication : Workplace Interaction

LAN3103 English and Communication : Workplace Correspondence

LAN4101 English and Communication : Promotional Materials

LAN4107 English and Communication : Reports

LAN4108 English and Communication : Persuasive Presentations

LAN3003 職業中文傳意 : 普通話對話與匯報 = Vocational Chinese Communication : Putonghua Conversation & Reports

職業中文傳意: 普通話報告與推介文書 = Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Presentations and Promotional Text Writing

LAN4003 職業中文傳意 : 普通話報告與紀實文書 = Vocational Chinese Communication : Putonghua Presentations, Administrative and Technical Text Writing

Foundation Diploma

LAN 2002 職業中文: 普通話對話與討論 = Vocational Chinese: Putonghua Conversation & Discussion

LAN3007 職業中文: 小組討論與禮儀文書 = Vocational Chinese : Discussion & Social Correspondence

LAN3008 職業中文: 閱讀理解與事務文書 = Vocational Chinese : Reading Comprehension & Administrative Text Writing

LAN2102 Vocational English I : Oral Interaction in the Workplace

LAN2103 Vocational English II : Responding to Written Correspondence

LAN2104 Vocational English III : Presenting Information and Ideas in Writing

LAN3109 Vocational English IV : Oral Presentation

LAN3110 Vocational English V : Responding to Written Correspondence