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DILWL Learning Resources Centre

Silence Booth


A soundproof and cozy workstation with full set of audio-visual equipment, high performance i-Macintosh and tablet in place.  User can reserve the personal space for video streaming, online meeting, online classes, prepare teaching materials, and interview, etc. 

Click HERE to reserve your timeslot.   

Equipment Briefing



Pitch Coaching System 


The AI-powered Pitch Coaching System adopts smart technologies that use multiple sensing, namely motion tracking, head tracking, facial expression recognition and speech processing, to develop an assessment system which analyzes the performance of the presenter and assesses the effectiveness of the presentation.  It helps presenters find out their strengths and weaknesses, and the direction for further improvement.

The systems can perform analysis by uploading a video file or on a real-time basis, that is, rehearsal mode. At the end of each presentation, a detailed graphical report with metrics is provided, and users can download it locally.



How to Get There





Eligible DILWL students and teachers can make reservation for Silence Booth. To reserve timeslot, please click HERE