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Laser Cutting


Desktop Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Technical Information

CCD camera:  standard, accurate within 4mm
Laser sources: sealed CO2 laser, 40W
Focus lens: standard, 1.5”

File Preparation

Output file format:

Adobe Illustrator
Dimension: 30 cm x 40 cm
Orientation: landscape
Color mode: RGB
Raster Effects: High (300 ppi)

File Requirements

Create 2 layers with following settings:

  • Outline layer for cutting
Stroke size: 0.001 pt & Color: #FF0000
  • Engrave layer for graphic
Fill color: #000000

Acrylic board (300mm x 400mm): $40 per job

Wooden board (300mm x 400mm): $30 per job

Cardboard (300mm x 400mm): $9 per job

(Materials provided by Makerspace)
Location Makerspace Counter, C714a, 7/F, Tower C