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Campus Network


Campus network connects teaching facilities, event venues, conference rooms, staff offices and Learning Resources Centre in DILWL with high speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet links backbone. It links to the VTC Wide Area Network (WAN) that aims to provide the intercampus and office with high-speed connectivity. As a member of the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC), DILWL campus network also connects to the Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNET) through VTC HQ and IVE(CW).


Wireless LAN

ITS has installed over 234 WiFi access points throughout the campus. They are available in event venues, conference rooms, staff offices and Learning Resources Centre. Wireless LAN serves eligible users on a 24x7 hour basis (except maintenance period) over the covered areas. Staff and students can also enjoy free WiFi access to the Internet via WI-FI.HK and Y5Zone WiFi hotspots off-campus, or via EDUROAM at other local and international research and education community.


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ITS provides multiple channels for staff and students to get assistance in teaching and learning support.

Channel  Link Feature Hours*
Help Desk Portal
  • Web-based automatic self-service portal
  • Allows status check of your support ticket(s)
  • Comprehensives knowledge base
  • Latest IT related announcement
24 x 7 
Live Chat Click on the live chat button at the buttom right of this page.
  • Web-based live chat platform
  • Establish quick connections
  • Provides rapid resolutions
  • Automatic suggest solutions beyond service hours

8:30am – 6:00pm


Email Automatic creation of support ticket in Help Desk Portal
Hotline 3928-2350 Talk to our hotline operator;
1 line

* Service hours may be adjusted during special periods

Endpoint Security


ITSD/HQ provides Endpoint Protection solutions to all computer in campus. These computers include all Windows PC/notebook, iMac/MacBook and servers in staff offices, teaching venues and Learning Resources Centre in campus. Anti-Virus software must be installed on workstation before it connected to VTC network.

Upon installation, administrators can centralize the management and update of antivirus software and virus signature file, thus deliver a defense against malicious threats and attacks for computers under protection.

ITS provides the 1st tier technical support, e.g. installation, report of virus found, announcement of suspicious virus or attack, to DILWL users.


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IP Phone and Data Port Service


DILWL IP telephony system is built on top of the existing campus network, using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology for placing and conducting telephone calls. IP technology opens up opportunities and provides convenience to telephone communication, by offering better mobility, connectivity and voice quality.

Users could contact Campus Secretariat for application of new extension number.

For additional voice port, please contact us via DILWL LRC Help Desk Portal.


Useful Documents

IP Phone user guides

Server Pool


To accomplish server needs far beyond the capability of one machine, we have blade enclosure. Blade servers' high power density not only can suffer even more acutely from the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning problems but also integrate to network interface controllers or host adapters for fibre channel storage systems such as storage area network (SAN). The Blade servers function for specific purposes such as network management server and virtualization. Under the virtualization, we have built up different platform for our IT infrastructure service. This provides various web hosting, proxy server pool, file sharing and printing service sharing to achieve the request of user and developer.

Guest Accounts


Guest Wifi

ITS provides WiFi service for guests attending events, conferences or lectures hosted by departments. Guests with valid WiFi guest account are eligible to access internet via VTC network on campus, by connecting to the SSID “VTC-Guest” with given password. These guest accounts would only be valid during the applied period.

Departments can apply for the guest account at DILWL LRC Help Desk Portal at least 3 working days before the event starts.


Guest CNA

All computers in DILWL have been joined to VTC domain and users of these computers must have a valid CNA to login. Departments should consult DILWL LRC Help Desk Portal for access to VTC computers for their invited visitors, who are non-VTC staff members or students.


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WiFi Printing and Scanning


Wireless printing and scanning service in DILWL LRC are provided to guests, students and staff with valid login account to VTC wireless LAN. This service covers user's personal Windows notebook, MacBook, iOS or Android devices as well.



After login the Wireless LAN, notebook users can retrieve preset print drivers from our server and mobile device users can map our printers with App (print & scan utility available on Apple Store or Google Play Store) on their device. Files can be printed directly from their devices to printers supporting wireless printing service at DILWL LRC (include LRC, Zone 24 and Multimedia Workshop).



At the photocopiers which support wireless scanning, user can either scan a documents to their mobile devices via VTC wireless LAN or to their email account.


Useful Documents and Files

Timetable System


Scientia Syllabus Plus (SPLUS) is current VTC’s timetable system. It requires logon with MS Internet Explorer only and is accessible within VTC network or Staff VPN service.

The system will transfer its database to other VTC’s system for student timetable web (MyPortal) and attendance taking (Class Attendance System).


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Print Quota


All full-time DILWL students will be given 500 print quota credits every year at no cost.

Students can use the credits on monochrome and color printing in LRC or A701. On a computer connected to network printers eligible for payment with print quota, students could use their own Computer and Network Account (CNA) to login and process print job or check remaining credit. Credits will be deducted once a print job is submitted.

The print quota will be reset at the end of an academic year and any unused print quota will not be carried forward. This quota is also non-refundable and non-transferable.

Virtual Desktop Service


To improve flexibility in teaching and learning, ITS provides Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) to DILWL staffs and students who have activated Computer Network Application (CNA). Eligible users can use the VDS via Campus Network within VTC site or via VTC VPN from remote or home.


What is Virtual Desktop Service (VDS)?

VDS generally referred as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), allows users to access another operating system without altering the settings on their own computers. VDS is particularly useful when you are away from the campus but want to access the Windows environment and software similar to some platforms such as library PC. Using virtual desktops that have a Windows operating system, you can access it from laptop, desktop, iPad or Android mobile device.

To learn more about our VDS, please visit our knowledge base at Helpdesk portal to explore more information.


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Computer Labs


ITS manages 9 Computer Labs and 6 Mac Labs for class purpose, providing high performance computing and wide variety of updated software to support academic needs of students and staff. Students may also use the computing facilities in LRC, Multimedia Workshop (A701) and Zone 24 on a free-access basis after class.


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LRC Computer Zone


ITS manages 84 desktop PC and 60 iMac computers in LRC computer zone for users to obtain up-to-date learning information for teaching and studying. All workstations in LRC are connected with photocopier, and installed with common software such as MS Office and Adobe CC.


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Notebook Computers


To encourage students’ collaborative and individual study, ITS maintains about 70 Windows notebooks and 20 MacBook for loan and use within the campus. They are installed with commonly used software in teaching and learning activities, such as MS Office and Adobe CC. These computers are available for loan at LRC counter on a first come, first served basis. For further information (e.g.: lending rules and charges), please visit VTC Library service homepage or contact LRC counter staff.


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Software Media


ITS provides following software with site license for staff loan, staff member can borrow these media in person with staff ID card at the counter of LRC/DILWL. For further information (e.g.: lending rules and charges), please visit VTC Library service homepage or contact LRC Circulation Counter.


Software List

Adobe CC 2020, Mac and Windows version

Window 10, English and Chinese version


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