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VTC Institutional Repository: PlumX - Analytic tool

How VTC IR supports research


  • The research community can rely on citation counts (e.g. with citation tracking tools, such as Scopus) to determine and evaluate research performance of your own research.

PlumX for VTC IR

  • The measures are divided into 5 categories of metrics:
    Usage, Citations, Mentions, Social Media & Captures 



5 categories of PlumX


The five indicators

1) Usage: it includes the traditional counts of downloads and online clicks for various views



2)  Citations:  metrics tools CrossRef, Scopus, and PubMed are used to see who's citing this publication.




3) Mentions: blog posts, comments, reviews and Wikipedia links about your research




4) Social Media: the +1s (Google Plus), likes (e.g. Youtube), shares (Facebook), and tweets about your research



5) Captures: Bookmarks, Favorites, Readers (e.g. Mendeley) indicate end users' tendency to revisit the work.  Also an indicator of future citations.


For details, please visit PlumX website.