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E-Resources: E-Read KIOSK

E- Resources in LRC

Introduction of E-Read KIOSK

E-Read KIOSK (借閱易) provides a one stop self browsing, borrowing (QR code scanning) and reading e-resource platform/KIOSK to users to keep in touch with VTC latest purchased/subscribed e-books and e-magazines.

You may first connect to VTC Wi-Fi, pre-install the QR code and below Apps to have better user experience,

 Hyread3 App


 PressReader App


 Flipster App



New e-magazines (新刊上架)

Select "新刊上架" and new e-magazine cover images will be displayed.

You can select the interest title/cover to see the latest issue descriptions and QR code.
- Select "線上瀏覽" to read the issue contents directly on screen
- Use mobile devices to scan QR code and redirect to HyRead App or iOS APP Store/Google Play

If your device installed HyRead App, you will see the screen as below.

Browse e-magazines (雜誌瀏覽)

Select title list and you can see the subscribed e-magazines in different categories.

In selected category, you can browse the e-magazines which titles sort from latest to oldest issues. It will also shows the latest issues' cover images.

Select interest titles and you will see latest issue in the upper part and back issues in lower part.

Browse e-books

In "找書看" (Find Books), select title list and you can see e-books in different categories

- 最新推介 "New Arrivals"
- 藝術設計 "Art Design"
- 電腦資訊 "Computer Information"
- 財經商貿 "Finance/Business Management"
- 科學 "Science"
- 休閒生活 "Leisure Life"
- 社會科學 "Social Science"
- 醫療/營養 "Medicine/Nutrition"
- 語言學習 "Language Learning"
- 新子童書 "Parenting/Kids"

You may also select "找書關鍵字" to browse e-books by default keywords.

Other e-resources (其它電子書/電子雜誌)

In "其它電子書/電子雜誌" (Other e-resource), you can browse below vendors' summarized  e-resources,

- ProQuest

- Flipster
- PressReader