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Maritime Services: Subject Search

Subject Search on Summon

Advanced Search

To use Advanced Search to perform Subject search: Please select "Subject Terms" from the drop-down menu, and input your subject heading with double quotes. For example:


What is a Subject Heading?

Subject heading lists are used to provide consistency in the terms used to describe the subjects or topics covered by the materials in the library. Subject Headings are standardized words assigned to a concept. Subject headings are different from keywords in that they are specific terms assigned to a subject by an organization. For example, the Library of Congress supplies subject headings for books. 


Subject headings can often be found on the page of a book that provides the publisher's information, or at or near the bottom of the page of an online record of a book or article. The subject heading can be used to search for related books or articles when copied exactly.


If you would like to try using subject headings on your own, a good place to start is the library catalog. Choose a suitable subject on the left column.

Or under a bibliographic record, click the links of Subject Headings.