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Sharing Practice: Learning Links

Introduction - Share of knowledge

To assist in teaching, research, self-study and collaborated projects, teachers and students can reference and share the published materials from online subscribed databases or e-books, such as

  • e-journals
  • e-book database 
  • online videos
  • library catalog
  • institutional repository

You may Add Links of those VTC licensed resources to your TLP (Teaching and Learning Package) whenever you compile your educational work.

The following wordings and icons may help you to create the link to specific article or e-book:

             Share Link  / Permanent Link /  Document URL  / Permalinks / Persistent linksDownload citation / Cite / ...undefined


Go through the following screenshots, you can know how to create URLs linking to library licensed materials, even those contents no longer allow direct copying into your course package.

When other people access your shared links, login will be required. Only the valid users (VTC users) can access the full text content.